Black Lives Matter Is Not Just A Hashtag

(I encourage everyone to play the audio above while reading this post)

1865…1881…1901…1963……2020. Look at those dates and think long and hard about it. This isn’t the first time that the black community is protesting and demanding the rights they rightfully deserve in America.

The black community is SICK and TIRED of constantly hearing about and watching their black brothers and sisters killed at the hands of the police. Police brutality has been a recurring theme against the black community for centuries, however, due to living in the technology era, it is now being recorded on camera.

Photo by Michael Zagaris – Getty Images

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick began kneeling during the U.S. National Anthem to bring awareness to both racism and police brutality. This brought about criticism, mainly from our white counterparts, on how he is disrespecting our country and our veterans fighting for “our” country. However, what the white community fails to realize is that America doesn’t respect and/or fight for African Americans. American culture is BLACK CULTURE. From pop culture to fashion trends to music genres – rock and roll, country, and even pop –  all originated from the black community. Enslaved Africans – and yes there is a difference – were brought to this country and built what is now known as America. Our ancestors were Kings and Queens, city officials, politicians, artists…not SLAVES. We as a people need to completely erase the word “slavery” from our vocabulary because that is not the start of our existence. Our ancestors were not born as slaves.

The issue with American history within the walls of education is that it portrays the idea that African Americans started as slaves and gives no context about who they were before being brought to America. When it comes to the American education system, black history is always taught in the sequence: Slavery to Emancipation to the Women’s Movement to the Civil Rights Movement. This gives the notion of “look how far your people have come,” and they expect us to praise a country that was never for us in the first place. This is why it is important to know and enforce the difference of our ancestors being enslaved versus slaves, especially for the new generation because they need to know their REAL history, not the whitewashed version.

For centuries, the black community has been degraded and oppressed. For centuries, we have been fighting to be seen as equal and to be given basic human rights, but yet, instead of reforming policies, “they” kill us instead. We can no longer walk home carrying a bag of skittles and a bottle of Arizona, we can’t sleep peacefully in our own house, kids can’t be outside playing with toys, we can’t travel to work, nor can we even mumble the words “I CAN’T BREATHE” without being killed by police.

Let me give you some context on how serious police brutality is: George Floyd was murdered on May 25, 2020. From May 25th to today June 19th, over 120 African Americans have been killed due to police brutality….ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY IN THREE WEEKS! (And if you don’t believe me GOOGLE IT)

In a time where the black community is being targeted directly, we have communities saying that “All Lives Matter.” Yes, all lives do matter but right now there is an overwhelming number of BLACK LIVES being murdered by the police. Saying All Lives Matter is like one breaking a leg and needing medical attention, but when the medical professional arrives they say “let me check your arm because all bones matter” when clearly one bone in your body is broken.

In the midst of having to explain why Black Lives Matter, we have businesses that are posting black boxes in support of #blackouttuesday and PR specialists encouraging high profile celebrities to speak out, but those things don’t matter! What we really need and want is REFORM. Reform policies, defund the police, and stop killing our black brothers and sisters! You can keep all that extra fake support because now #blacklivesmatter is turning into a profitable cause for some businesses. This is not a trend, this is not something just for the moment, this is a rebellion for change.

Businesses know how powerful the black dollar is. We have POWER and if we stand together we can create change. Look at how many businesses and celebrities we have exposed just in these past couple of weeks! And now they are changing their tune to now be in support of the movement because they know without our money and without our support they cannot/will not succeed.

As a community, we cannot stop protesting and fighting for our rights because a few cops have been charged for the killings of African Americans. Guess what, just because they were charged doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed jail time. Some were charged and were giving bail and have not even seen the inside of a jail cell. They [government officials] charge them – in my opinion – for us to stop protesting, but NO! KEEP PUTTING PRESSURE ON THEM! The day we stop, is the day that we accept that what is happening is okay. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so we as a community have to stand united as one. Stop separating each other because that’s what “they” want us to do. When we say Black Lives Matter, that means ALL Black Lives Matter. You cannot pick and choose which black life matters because it contradicts your whole stance. We must protect each other, and love on each other because at the end of the day, we’re all we got. I love you, my black brothers and sisters, King’s and Queens, and we will not stop until change comes.


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