Enough Is Enough! Go Out and Vote!

2020 is going to go down in the history books as one of the most detrimental years humans ever had to face. Whether it be COVID-19, the death of Kobe Bryant, the presidential election that is set to take place in November, 2020 has shifted the foundation of America.

America is facing a pandemic that forced over 40 million people to file for unemployment, children to get accustomed to a new way of learning via online video chats, and individuals to adapt to wearing a mask everywhere they go. The black community also still fights against police brutality which brought about the biggest civil rights movement EVER.

On top of all this, America is surrounded by death and destruction. We have a president who didn’t take this pandemic seriously in the beginning and is now saying that we need to stop testing in order for the number of people infected with COVID-19 to go down….sir that’s not how this works.

Side note: Thank God for Obamacare,  which covers insurance for all who can’t afford to have their own. If not for Obamacare, millions of Americans would not have the opportunity to go get tested during this pandemic. The same policy that the Trump Administration has been trying to get rid of, is helping millions.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kanye West has now entered himself into (and quickly exited) the 2020 Presidential race. Jesus take the wheel cause I literally cannot!

I am completely sick of celebrities being possible candidates to run this country. They have ZERO experience in politics. Many have never held a political office position and I’m pretty sure many can’t even tell you how checks and balances works. These celebrities think that since they have a substantial following and believe they know what’s best for America, they are the best candidate to run it.

And guess what I have to say about that? SIT THE F*** DOWN PLEASE!

There are so many issues in the United States that need to be addressed. Not only do 1 in 9 Americans go hungry, but we also have rampant poverty that needs attention as well.

We need to address why it takes police officers only SIX MONTHS to become cops and patrol communities. We need to address why police officers take up large percentages of the yearly community budget, while educational institutions get scraps.

We need to address healthcare, student loan forgiveness, and unemployment rates. When is our government going to address reparations needed for African Americans? All these issues, but yet here we are dealing with a president who says “grab them by the p***y” when referring to women and a former candidate [Kanye West] disrespecting the legacy of Harriet Tubman. Joe Biden is definitely no better but out of the three candidates, he is most qualified for the position.


We have a president who is more interested in tweeting and building a wall than running this country properly. He has literally disrespected every single person in America and has used fear tactics in order to promote a divided community. But you know what, I can’t even place full blame on Trump. It’s Congress that really needs to be talked about.

Most individuals don’t realize that it’s Congress who passes the laws that are in place today. We focus more on the presidential race rather than on the people who are running for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Voter turnout for congressional candidates are at an all-time low because people don’t understand how important they are. If we want to create real change, we have to RESEARCH and VOTE for the right candidates, because we are in turn voting for legislation that is happening in our very own communities.

A message to my black community:

Stop thinking your vote doesn’t matter because it does! Our ancestors fought for us to have the right to vote and we need to exercise that right. Take this seriously because this affects our future generations. There is a reason why presidential candidates give so much effort in obtaining the black vote and that is because we have the most power. I cannot reiterate this enough!

In a time where desperate change is needed, we need everyone to take this election seriously. Show up in November like the world has never seen before. The future is depending on us.

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