Creative Block? Is It Real?

As a creator, I’m sure all creatives – writers, actors, singers, painters, youtubers, etc. – can relate with me about having frequent creative blocks. But what exactly is that?

According to, creative blocks “can be described as the inability to access one’s internal creativity… which can last for days, weeks, months, or even years.”

What causes this? How do you get out of it? Though I may not have all the answers, I can bring you into my perspective. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, and maybe my insight will tap into what you’re feeling creatively.

Firstly, creative blocks are normal and if you don’t have them, are you really a creator? When you consistently put out content, you will eventually reach a point where you get stuck.

Our goal as creators is to put out the best content possible and when you feel that your best isn’t good enough, you start to second guess everything. For the past two weeks, I’ve had so many great ideas and topics that I’d want to discuss, but I’ve been unable to effectively place those thoughts into words. I was just stuck.

So eventually, I just said “You know what? Take a break and try again” or whatever Aaliyah said. Often times, we creators feel a sense of fear. Not a fear of creating, but fear of not resonating with our audience. If we don’t fully connect with them, are we truly fulfilling our purpose?

We thrive off of engagement and when we put out content and receive zero feedback, there is a sense of “what am I doing wrong?” But at the end of the day, you have to believe in yourself and most importantly, your work. That idea was what snapped me out of my creative block and allowed me to just create.

Another thing that truly helps is self-awareness. After meditation and deep conversations with myself, I realized that when I’m in a space that is not conducive for me, I cannot create. If you feel you’re having a creative block, look around at the space you’re in. Is it a space that encourages creativity?

I’ve outgrown the apartment and environment that I’m currently in. So I’ve chosen to remove myself from this space and move into another one, across town, in a quiet neighborhood. Granted, not everyone has the luxury to just up and move, but everyone does have the luxury of going to a local coffee shop or park to find inspiration. The point is to get out of the space that you’re currently in and find something new and exciting and/or calm and relaxing that allows your creativity to flow.

You’re probably wondering, “two weeks…that’s it??? I’ve had a creative block for months!” But to be completely honest, I’ve had to force myself to get out of it. I’ve had to really stop and think about what the real issue was. And once I truly found out what it was, it encouraged me to open my laptop and just write. Did it take me hours? HELL YEA! But it’s okay.

I consistently put out content because I genuinely like to do it. I put out content that hopefully resonates with all of you and encourages you to feel something and/or take action.

Will this be the last time I take a creative break? Absolutely not! But know that if I can pick myself back up and get back into creating, you can definitely do the same. And this advice can be for anyone, not just creatives.

If you feel like you are stuck in an environment or space that is not conducive for you, make that change and find a place that will encourage you to thrive.

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