New Year, New Goals!

Y’all we are one week into 2021 and the shenanigans have already begun. Though we are still dealing with the remnants of last year, let’s not forget that this is a new year, full of new opportunities.

The infamous phrase “new year, new me” is already taking storm, but how long until you are “old you” again? In theory, it sounds great to want to change for the better but it shouldn’t only come once a year. You should be constantly evolving into a better you every day. If you want to be in better shape, actively go to the gym. If you want to buy a house, actively save and increase your financial literacy in order to prepare for that purchase. The new year shouldn’t be the time to decide to leave toxic people behind, you should be doing that all year round.

My goal here is to encourage all of you to focus on your goals and aspirations this year. We experienced so much hardship and despair in 2020, so this year is about restoration. You’ve survived one of the hardest times in American history, now it’s time to go where the money resides. Invest in yourself and see where it takes you. I promise you that the minute you decide to pour into yourself, your life will change drastically.

Do the things you always thought about doing but never did. Learn how to invest your money, learn a trade, gain another stream of income, etc. We just received our stimmy checks, and if possible, try not to spend it. However, try to flip it. I know that we are still in a pandemic and times are hard for some out here, but truly if it will not hurt you, invest that $600 into stocks and/or invest it. As a quick tip, I, personally, encourage people to buy stocks in Pfizer, Moderna, and Bitcoin. Do your research and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you guys haven’t noticed, my mission this year is to have more serious discussions with you. Most of you are young adults like me trying to figure out this thing called life. Though I’m not a complete expert, I have been blessed enough to learn from mentors and mistakes that I’ve made in my young adult life. I want to talk about financial literacy, budgeting, saving accounts, mental health, childhood trauma, etc.

My purpose is to be of help to others and if I can help at least one person, then I know what I’m doing is right. It’s a brand new year, with brand new content coming straight to you. So cheers to the new year, let’s do this!

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