America, We Have A Serious Issue

I know you’ve all heard by now, but if you haven’t, the governor of Texas has made the call to fully reopen all businesses at 100% capacity and lift the mask mandate on March 10th. Some of you may be thinking, “This does affect me,” but in actuality it does. Let me explain why.

Though the majority of states still have a mask mandate and business capacity limits, they are looking at Texas as a guinea pig. And dare I say this, even if there is a spike of COVID-19 cases, if the money is right, other states will follow suit. Texas isn’t the first to lift the mask mandate, however, Houston specifically, is one of the four most populated cities in the US so it’s a pretty big deal. Though the nightlife never stopped, there was a comfort in knowing that there were limits on how many people can be in a building at any given time. I would also always pay for a section (It felt like I got security from everybody else there).

We are in the heat of spring break season; this is the time of year where businesses expect to have an increase in sales. If you recall, exactly one year ago this month was when the entire country completely shut down and went into a mandatory lockdown. Over the past year, we have witnessed huge corporations close down and small businesses not even scratch the surface of creating a profit. I can understand why the need to reopen around this time is necessary. Fortunately, my opinion isn’t the only one that matters, so I took to Instagram to get the opinion of others. (If you don’t follow me by now, its @official_drizzydre /

While on Instagram, I posed the question on what people’s thoughts were on Texas fully reopening and lifting the mask mandate, in which I must say, the responses were very engaging. One individual responded saying, “Wow that’s amazing! I mean a lot of people are now taking the vaccine.” Granted the vaccine is readily available and will be available to all Americans by May, but there are so many different strands popping up that I personally believe that the vaccine has not taken into account. Also, yes the vaccine prevents you from being severely affected by the disease, it doesn’t, however, prevent you from spreading the disease, so masks are still very much needed.

Another Instagram user stated “Population control. They need more people to die…” Though I’m not keen on the idea that they are reopening for population control, I do believe that they are putting lives at risk for monetary gain. The government knows that if there are absolutely no restrictions in place, people will go back to their, “business as usual.” Cases in Texas have been gradually decreasing, but I will not be surprised if there is a spike in cases after next week. Due to the restrictions, cases have gone down but they have not evaporated so I’m not completely sure why the governor would think that the pandemic is over.

And finally, the ah ha comment that sent me like yesss was, “Umm, there is still a whole panoramic happening. No mask? Don’t test the Lord, TX.” The pandemic is far from over and to act like it is, is completely deadly and insensitive to the 300 thousand lives that have been lost due to COVID-19. I completely understand that we want to get back to normal life, but we have not completely found the cure to the disease that faces us. Yes, its inconvenient to have to always wear a mask or wait in a line to enter a store, but this disease is something that we have never faced before.

I personally hate wearing a mask, but I know that if I wear one I am protecting innocent lives around me. However, the government doesn’t think like that. We live in a capitalistic economy, so money is the driving factor. Companies would rather make a profit than think about innocent lives that may be at stake. Trust me when I say that by May, more states will lift their mask mandate and try to return back to normal. Stay safe out there everyone and keep wearing your mask regardless of what the government says.

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