Lil Nas X – The Controversy Of It All

The more I age, the more I see how toxic this generation really is. The way we normalize bad behavior, bullying, abuse, etc. is mind blowing. We literally live in a generation where we make excuses for people and I just don’t understand it.

This week has been filled with so much controversy that my tea cup spilled over. However, it was the comments and reactions to the situations that just blew my mind.

You know where I’m going with this so let’s talk about: Lil Nas X. I, by no means, agree with the concept of his video “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” or his “Satan” shoes, but I don’t condemn him for it. In the entertainment world, you have free range to create whatever art you feel is for you and I have free range to either like it or dislike it. What I didn’t understand about this controversy is the fact that Christians are condemning him for making the video because he was disrespecting their religion (which he wasn’t) and parents were condemning him because he’s supposed to be a role model for kids.

We’re going to discuss the religious aspect first. If you actually watch the video, yes, Lil Nas X does give Satan a lap dance but the reasoning behind his video is literally about what is happening to him because of it. It addresses the condemnation he gets from Christians about  his sexuality. The meaning of his video is that he will accept his fate of going to Hell if that means he can truly accept himself and be authentically who he is. At this point, peoples homophobia is just showing. I personally feel the issue has nothing to do with the demonic visuals, but everything to do with Nas being an openly homosexual black man living in his truth. Homophobes repulsion no longer affect him because he is comfortable with whatever his fate may be.

If you refer back to when I wrote my “coming out” article, I spoke on the fact that my Christian mother condemned me for over a year to try and have me change my lifestyle. Being gay is not a choice that you make, it’s who you are. Christians have no right to tell someone how to live their lives. God is the only judge. All sin is measured the same across the board. Stop picking and choosing which Bible verses to use when it’s convenient to condemn someone. I don’t think that’s not very Christian-like.

Why is it so hard for individuals to just mind their business? If you don’t like the concept of the video, why continue to watch it? And to write think pieces on it! Clearly you had to watch it more than once, but yet it’s not something you agree with…. Make it make sense. If I don’t like something, I’m not going to give any energy to it. We live in a society where people think their opinion to complete strangers must be heard. The worst of them are parents who believe that every public figure needs to put a disclaimer or live their lives to suit their children.

I’m sick and tired of parents holding artists and celebrities to a standard that they have to be role models for their children. These days, some parents are so lazy and disconnected that in order to shut their kids up, they hand them an iPad and tell them watch YouTube. Instead of monitoring what your kid watches, you blame the celebrity or artist for making content not suited for your child. And the reason they blame these artists, is because they are now forced to have a conversation with their child about that very topic.

I had a conversation with one of my oldest friends and she brought up the question “what happened to hobbies?” And I completely agree. As kids, we were involved in music, sports, theater, dance, etc. We would go outside and play with our friends until the street lights came on. These days, kids lack social skills because all they know is how to open up a tablet or computer and watch YouTube or Tik Tok. Chile, let me digress and get back on topic because that’s a whole other topic in itself.

Now we need to discuss Candace Owens because I just don’t understand. If you don’t know who Candace is, here’s a quick overview. She is a black conservative woman who is known for her support of the Trump Administration and criticism of Black Lives Matter and various black artists and issues. Now as a woman who is clearly being used by her own organization, she went on to make a video saying that Lil Nas X is being used by his record label. Pot meet kettle please. If you watch the video below, she does make SOME good points but she is definitely the wrong messenger.

I can agree that the black community does have an agenda placed on us because we are portrayed to be overly sexual and use symbolism that can be questionable and get condemned for it. HOWEVER, it seems that the black community is only one condemned. Madonna was a known sex symbol and overly sexualized but she was praised for it and considered an icon. Yet Megan the Stallion and Cardi B have a sexual performance and are scrutinized for it. Look at the show “Lucifer” or “Sabrina” which are heavily rooted in demonic symbolism but yet Lil Nas X is being scrutinized. Do you see the contradiction here?

There is a deep rooted issue in which anything deemed as demonic is unacceptable in the black community. For example, tarot cards, psychics, voodoo,  even astrology is looked down upon and scrutinized. However, when a white individual engages in those same activities, somehow it’s now okay and not that bad.

What we need to learn as a society is to just frankly mind the business that pays you. You don’t have to voice your opinion on every little issue that you don’t agree with, because guess what? Nobody really cares! Let people express themselves the way they want too. If you don’t agree with it, just don’t pay any attention to it and move on. It’s just that simple. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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