Stop Normalizing Toxic Relationships

It’s no secret that some individuals look up to celebrities and social media couples and call them couple goals. Yet, how can they be “goals” when you have no clue what truly goes on in them?

Some of your favorite celebrities have not only been cheated on, but have been in abusive relationships behind closed doors. Still yet, they were deemed couple goals because of their portrayal of a happy relationship on social media. Look at Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They are known as THE power couple, still Jay-Z cheated multiple times in the relationship. Chris Brown and Rihanna looked like the perfect couple, but then Chris Brown’s abuse of Rihanna was revealed – People STILL make excuses for his behavior. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were known as the IT couple for a DECADE until details of their marriage came to the surface when Angelina filed for divorce. Even more recently Saweetie and Quavo. They were seen as the ultimate couple goals and everyone wanted them to get back together.  Then BOOM, a video surfaces of them having an altercation in an elevator.

When are people going to realize that social media is an illusion. How often do these things need to happen for people to stop comparing their lives to what they see online? Look at Ike and Tina, they were seen as a dynamic duo even before social media. People strived for a relationship like theirs, meanwhile, homegirl was getting beat almost every day. And to think people, especially music artists, make such light of Tina’s trauma. It is mind boggling that still to this day they think that a little abuse equates to love. What’s even more triggering is that society blames the abused rather than the abuser.

Just as an example, in the surfaced video of Saweetie and Quavo, some individuals (mostly men) excused Quavo’s actions of putting his hands on Saweetie because it appeared that she had swung at him. I saw a tweet that stated “That video of Saweetie and Quavo is regular couple s***, don’t drag it.” Excuse me?? Since when was physically fighting with your significant other regular couple s***? The fact so many people agreed with him was horrifying. Why are we normalizing this? Another commenter stated “If y’all are in a frenzy about Saweetie and Quavo, let me keep my stories to myself.” Like what?! Grown adults need to learn how to communicate properly and resolve their issues rather than physically assaulting their partner. If you have the mindset that if my partner hits me or gets aggressive with me, it’s because they love me, PLEASE GO GET SOME HELP AND HEAL FROM YOUR PAST TRAUMA!

And for the men who put their hands on women, you are a coward! You want to have control so bad that you will force your power on someone who isn’t physically capable of defending themselves. I’m not saying that men can’t get abused as well because it does happen, but I’m specifically talking to the men here who beat on their significant other. I grew up witnessing close female friends and family members in abusive relationships and they will all tell you that I do not tolerate it. I will personally beat your a** if I ever come in contact with you. If you want to fight someone so bad, come fight me. That’s just the kind of man that I am.

In my lifetime, I have only been in ONE physical fight with my significant other and trust and believe, it was the very last time because I will never allow someone to put their hands on me; if it got to a point where we are physically fighting, clearly we do not need to be together. That’s what we need to be normalizing – leaving toxic relationships that don’t suit our needs. Stop making excuses for peoples behaviors and start calling them out on their BS. We need to do better, not only for this generation but for our future generation. They are looking at us, and some of us are just our here looking a damn fool and it needs to stop.

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