Accountability… Not Justice

As you all should know by now, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all 3 counts and faces up to 75 years in prison. This is what you call accountability.

Justice would be George Floyd still being alive today.

Derek Chauvin, guilty on all 3 charges and facing up to 75 years in prison

I hate that we had to have a live trial in order to convict a man we clearly saw on camera kill George Floyd. However, I’m glad that the jury came through and gave Chauvin what he deserves. Now, my prayer is that they give him the full sentence. Unfortunately, my intuition is telling me that even if he gets the max, he’ll serve 5 years and get out on “good behavior.” And on top of that you already know he’ll be put in solitary confinement because he surely would not survive if he were to be put in general population.

Look at all the cases before this, Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland. Never has the person in the wrong ever been held accountable nor has justice ever been served. If the justice system had held George Zimmerman accountable for his actions in the Trayvon Martin case, I guarantee that we would not have as many cases of unarmed black men being killed. Why? Because in our white supremacist society, if a white person were to be held accountable for their actions versus “getting away with murder,” they would be forced to make a change. But the justice system has made it “okay” for white people and cops to go on about their lives like nothing happened while we (black people) have to suffer from the aftermath of a life lost.

I also find it sad that our community could not celebrate for too long before another tragedy occurs. On the exact day that Derek Chauvin was charged, a teen, Ma’Khia Bryant, was shot four times and killed by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio. And the irony is that she called them for help because she was going to get jumped by a group of girls. Ain’t that some shit! Our community can’t even call for help cause there is a possibility that we will get killed in the process.

Now, I’ve heard the comments regarding the body cam video that was released and it showed Ma’Khia wielding a knife at the girls. My thoughts on this is…so what? Just because she was defending herself does not mean she deserved to die. Look at Kyle Rittenhouse – a 17 year old who shot and killed two people with a rifle. He left the scene unharmed and police officers even thanked him. What was the difference… well you tell me.

We need to do better in this country. We need to start holding these corrupt officers accountable for their actions. This charge was just the beginning of a new era. This is the first step of accountability and the start to a long road of justice being served for the upcoming generation. Change doesn’t happen overnight but this is a start.

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