Accountability… Not Justice

As you all should know by now, Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all 3 counts and faces up to 75 years in prison. This is what you call accountability. Justice would be George Floyd still being alive today. Derek Chauvin, guilty on all 3 charges and facing up to 75 years in prison I … Continue reading Accountability… Not Justice

Stop Normalizing Toxic Relationships

It’s no secret that some individuals look up to celebrities and social media couples and call them couple goals. Yet, how can they be “goals” when you have no clue what truly goes on in them? Some of your favorite celebrities have not only been cheated on, but have been in abusive relationships behind closed … Continue reading Stop Normalizing Toxic Relationships

Lil Nas X – The Controversy Of It All

The more I age, the more I see how toxic this generation really is. The way we normalize bad behavior, bullying, abuse, etc. is mind blowing. We literally live in a generation where we make excuses for people and I just don’t understand it. This week has been filled with so much controversy that my … Continue reading Lil Nas X – The Controversy Of It All

Call It What It Is!

We are two weeks into the new year and the Trump supporters have run rampant. Trump lost the election back in November, but he and his supporters refuse to accept defeat. If you recall, over the summer, a reignited race war emerged in response to the overwhelming amount of black lives lost to the hands … Continue reading Call It What It Is!

New Year, New Goals!

Y’all we are one week into 2021 and the shenanigans have already begun. Though we are still dealing with the remnants of last year, let’s not forget that this is a new year, full of new opportunities. The infamous phrase “new year, new me” is already taking storm, but how long until you are “old … Continue reading New Year, New Goals!

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Win the 2020 Presidential Election!

The results are in and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the 2020 Presidential election defeating former President Donald Trump. Today history has been made! Not only is Kamala Harris the FIRST BLACK FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT, Joe Biden secured over 74 million votes, the most for any presidential elect. It has been a long 4 … Continue reading Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Win the 2020 Presidential Election!

Protect Black Women!

Malcolm X infamously once said, “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” And America has yet to disprove Malcolm X. There are so many powerful Black women who have made and continue … Continue reading Protect Black Women!

Unapologetically Black and Queer

I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD…wait no…I’M GAY AND I’M PROUD…wait no that’s not right either… is it possible to be both? HELL YEA IT IS and it’s an extremely beautiful thing! I couldn’t let the month of June pass by without discussing Pride Month. Though COVID-19 has prevented me from celebrating with my fellow queers … Continue reading Unapologetically Black and Queer

Black Lives Matter Is Not Just A Hashtag

(I encourage everyone to play the audio above while reading this post) 1865…1881…1901…1963……2020. Look at those dates and think long and hard about it. This isn’t the first time that the black community is protesting and demanding the rights they rightfully deserve in America. The black community is SICK and TIRED of constantly hearing about … Continue reading Black Lives Matter Is Not Just A Hashtag